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  • »  What is One-to-One garden design?
  • It's a unique service for garden design where measuring the garden, designing the garden with you and then drawing up the garden takes place in a day.
  • »  How much does it cost?
  • Choose one of three options for a fixed cost. Option one £450. Option two £600 and Option three £750.
  • »  What option should I choose?
  • Option one (£450) covers measuring up the garden up to 400 square metres, designing the garden with you and drawing up the design on paper. Option two (£600) adds in all the detailing for planting and hard landscape to help the landscaper give an accurate price for any construction you may want to have. Option three (£750) is for the larger garden greater than 400 square metres, where a survey is required before I visit.
  • »  Does my garden need measuring?
  • Yes it does. For Option one (£450) and Option two (£600) I will measure the garden when I visit. For Option three (£750) I can organise a surveyor to measure up before my visit.
  • »  What do I get for my money?
  • A scan of the plan plus two black and white hard copies to scale, for the landscaper to give an accurate price for the garden's construction. A colour scan of the plan and a hard copy for you to hang up on the wall!
  • »  When will my design be ready?
  • All the measuring, design work and drawing up of the plan is completed on the day I come to visit. Option three has the measuring carried out beforehand.
  • »  What do I need to do to prepare for a visit?
  • Make sure you are available on the day I come to visit and that you have a wish list of items that you require for your garden.
  • »  Is there a limit to the size of my garden?
  • Yes - for Option one and Option two it is up to 400 square metres, eg 20m x 20m. For Option three it is larger than 400 square metres.
  • »  Why should I choose One-to-One garden design?
  • I have been designing gardens for 40 years and understand how a garden can work for you. Together we can work out a good solution to help you enjoy your outdoor space and feel excited about the future for you and your garden.
  • »  What happens after the design is completed?
  • I can recommend a local landscaper to provide an accurate price from the plan we have both created.
  • »  Can you recommend someone to build my garden?
  • Yes. I have a good working relationship with many landscapers in your area who are very competent at working out an accurate price for the work from the plan you and I provide.
  • »  Do you supervise the construction?
  • I am in touch with the landscaper if there are any design questions. I also provide an on-site service during construction should you require this.
  • »  Do you provide the plants?
  • The planting choices are made during the design stage and the planting can be carried out during construction of the garden with the recommended landscaper.
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Nigel has just completed a design for the whole of our back garden, including landscaping and planting. He will also be overseeing the project during the construction phase.

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