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One-to-One Testimonials

Some testimonials from clients who have recently engaged with my One-to-One garden design service…

  • After struggling to find someone to help design a plan for our new garden, it was very refreshing to find Nigel and his "One-to-One Garden Design" service. I was very impressed with the prompt reply to my enquiry, the choice of visit dates and the clear layout of the service options and charges. Being included in the design process on the day was very enjoyable; Nigel was able to include more features than I was expecting as well as suggesting inspiring ways to use some very interesting plants.

    I am now really looking forward to getting started on this exciting project.

    I can 100% recommend this service and would really encourage you to take the next step and send him a message.


  • We were looking for ideas to reconfigure steps to our garden from a balcony a metre above, and were inspired by Nigel’s description of his solution to a similar situation in his own garden –

    As ours is a small garden, we definitely didn't want the steps to encroach too far, particularly into our small lawn, and couldn't visualise or verbalise exactly what we wanted.

    Against all our preconceived ideas of keeping the steps unobtrusive, Nigel’s idea to actually make a feature of the steps totally hit the spot. Somehow it all works - making the steps a really attractive feature of the garden, and even improving the look of the lawn!

    We are delighted with this plan. Having pondered these steps for a long time, we would never have come up with Nigel’s magic solution!! We really appreciated his perception and insight, along with his expertise, and his amazing skill in developing a plan in a day.

    Thank you Nigel - it was a delight to work with you !!


  • We engaged Nigel Philips to provide us with a garden plan for e very unimaginatively laid out garden at a property into which we had just moved. He spent a day with us, firstly measuring up and establishing in his mind all the parameters of the existing garden, aspect, soil, existing shrubs and trees etc. He then spent a couple of hours with us, with a plan that he had drawn, discussing with us the features that we would like to see, lawn areas, patio, water feature, wild garden, kitchen garden etc, and how these could be incorporated into the final plan.

    With his existing outline plan, he had limitless see-through sheets on which he was able to draw many of the features we had identified as desirable, in different arrangements, indicating the advantages and disadvantages of the arrangements he had drawn. At every stage he responded to what we found attractive, and we ended up with a draft plan that we found most desirable.

    Within a couple of days he sent us a final detailed plan of the agreed layout showing all the items on our wish list, including the positioning of all the plants, shrubs, trees etc. that we had identified.

    We found Nigel to be a delightful expert to discuss with, and we are delighted with the end product.


  • We met Nigel on Tuesday 11th April 2023, who walked around the garden which is currently more of a building site due to extensive building works.

    Having taken the measurements, Nigel presented us with his initial thoughts, taking into account some plants / trees and other items that need to stay where they are.

    We found his suggestions extremely helpful, and that, combined with his impressive knowledge of a garden environment, made a very rewarding experience - all in 1 day!

    Would recommend Nigel without reservation.

    Ron & Laura

  • We thoroughly enjoyed our intense and productive day with Nigel, who brilliantly managed to combine what my husband and I had in our minds with the unprepossessing long, narrow, concreted garden we had presented him with.

    The flair and creativity he showed combined with his passion and knowledge of garden design has resulted in a beautifully drawn plan with which we can begin to realise our dreams. He has also given us many practical links to follow if we need them.

    I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend Nigel!


  • It was an absolute pleasure consulting with Nigel who has a wealth of experience. Tasteful ideas, mindful of cost and creative to acheive what is required within the setting he works with. Nigel is passionate about gardens and really understands them, informing the client on what works best, thus practical in his approach whilst getting it just right. First class Nigel! We look forward to bringing your plan to life.


  • My Lewes courtyard is small & awkwardly shaped so I was unsure how to maximise the space.

    Nigel spent the day with me in March 2023 and I'm delighted with the design & planting (I had option 2) we came up with. Nigel's 121 approach is good value and worked perfectly for me as I like to be involved and have plenty of ideas. These, combined with his years of experience & vision, meant we agreed on a plan that makes the most of the sunny & shady parts of the garden, and gives me a raised seating/dining area as well as clear space for walking thru. He was a delight to work with.

    He can also help with finding the right landscaper to suit my budget.


  • Garden Reno is a go……..old walls out. New walls in. Progress being made. Still so much more to go but any progress is good progress from my bedroom window. Biggest thanks to @one_to_one_gardendesign for the stunning design incorporating all our hopes and wishes for a garden that grows with our family.


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